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Adjusted Census 2020 Redistricting Data Pursuant to New Jersey P.L.2019, c.385 and Section 1 P.L.2021, c.198 – Reallocated Incarcerated Population

Pursuant to P.L.2019, c.385 (C.52:4-1.1 et seq.), the New Jersey Secretary of State is required to reallocate the population of certain incarcerated persons to their last known residential address for legislative redistricting purposes. Pursuant to section 1 of P.L.2021, c.198 (C.52:4-1.6), the State’s congressional districts must also be drawn using this adjusted data. The congressional districts must meet equal population requirements under both adjusted and non-adjusted data sets, to the greatest extent possible.

Adjusted Census 2020 Redistricting Data
Census Geographic and Demographic Data

Pursuant to the United States Constitution and Public Law 94-171, enacted by Congress in December 1975, the Census Bureau provides Congress, state legislatures, and redistricting commissions and committees with the both the demographic and geographic data necessary to conduct congressional redistricting.

All geographic and demographic data are available to the public for free at the Census redistricting website, and can be downloaded at:

Census Redistricting Data Program

Please follow the instructions provided by the Census website to access and download the geographic and demographic redistricting data for New Jersey.